why won't he call?

Why hasn’t he called me, texted me or even e-mailed me? You know he’s not so busy that he can’t be on social media because you see he’s active. You know his phone is working and he’s usually responsive when you reach out, but for some reason, it feels like he’s pulling back, making you more anxious by the day. Your imagination can run away with you if you don’t find out the truth….whatever that is. You have the burning desire to know what he’s thinking, why he’s moving the way he does or maybe doesn’t. You have so many why’s in your head, but how exhausting is that!

You want to be released from that gut wrenching feeling of being in the dark while dating. What you want is to be an empowered dater. By focusing on all that you bring to the table in relationships, you take back your power and begin NOW to date like a goddess. This starts and ends with you. In these pages, discover what’s been keeping you from connecting deeply and flourishing effortlessly in the kind of romantic relationships you have always deserved to have. Finally you can have exactly what you want out of dating.


You are meant to be able to clear the path for the right partner to show up, taking you from a space of always wondering to an assured confidence that you are supported, seen and loved for the woman you know you are. Why Won’t He Call? will be everything you need to glow your goddess in any relationship.

Glow Your Goddess Podcas‪t‬

Joy & James share their stories, perspective and advice, drawn from their individual and collective experience. Joy is a bubbly spirit, relationship expert and goddess cultivator, molded by profession and life. James is an authentic soul, an empathic gentleman and a truth teller to all he meets, and here he shares the male view in relationships to keep our goddess glow balanced. Glow Your Goddess aims to open up the table discussion on navigating how to honor being your best goddess, while still showing your glow in your intimate relationships, in a way that connects you to your joy and partner.