Joy, known as the Nation's # 1 Goddess Glow Up Expert, flourishes in her private practice, Renew Yourself With Joy LLC, in South Florida and promotes constant inner shining as the founder of the Glow Your Goddess ® Movement. Whether on stage, screen or in her office, Joy journey's with women to cultivate a new love of self, facilitating their abundant connections with the right partners. She consistently shares relationship gems & guidance to 1000's through her Dear Joy Live Series, facilitating weekly webinars, and hosting her podcast, Glow Your Goddess. Joy’s work as an experienced Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Sexologist, trusted Dating Coach and powerful Speaker has proven to be invaluable in changing the lives and love of everyone she connects with. Motivated by her pursuit to put powerful tools in the hands of every women, Joy created her guide for goddesses and wrote the 5-star rated, published book, "Why Won't he Call?".

There has been no pause in Joy’s mission, especially after graduating from Barry University, with dual specialties in Marriage, Family & Couples Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling. Joy immediately opened her private therapy practice, is currently a solo practitioner of therapy and an Intuitive Women’s Life Coach. Joy has further trained with the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute (CaPP Institute) and has received individual intensive intuitive healing training. Her time with individuals and couples is focused on a humanistic and strength-based foundation to allow for clients to regain spiritual connection, self-discovery, and healing.

For 10 years, Joy stepped into a career at the Miami Dade Attorney’s Office, dedicating herself to the Domestic Violence Unit. It was in these eye-opening years she realized that her energy and passion would always align to walking with women who have forgotten who they are. Joy found she was placed in women’s lives to help them remember there is a limitless goddess within, ready to no longer survive, but fully thrive. Colleagues seek out her expertise in relationship dynamics, mindset shifts and activation of inner strength. They do not hesitate to refer goddesses to Joy, knowing she is just the person to help them “get their glow back”.

Joy’s vision is to guide every women who seeks abundance of joy and freedom in their lives to
discover her inner goddess & fully glow up in her relationships.

It is through not only Joy’s professional experience that she engages in her work, but she shows up with her own real-life experience in loss, shifts in points of view, walking through a battlefield of change and finding ways to shed an old skin to come to the other side of things, more empowered and full of joy than imagined. Joy remains inspired by a belief that there is always more for you and a faith that you are 100% the author of your own story.