Ready to Glow Your Goddess?

Joy has a proven record and years of experience helping women find their inner goddess, glow up in their relationships and live a life of fearlessness & abundance. Now is the time for you to glow YOUR goddess and gain the how to’s of personal empowerment, right from Joy’s well stream of knowledge.

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Building Blocks of Happiness

Self Esteem & Relationships

Perfectly Imperfect


Teagan Q.

“Hey Joy! I've just finished your webinar (Why won't they call). Honestly so so helpful. Thank you so much!”

Megan C.

“I was part of the webinar today and felt really inspired by it.”

Tyler M.

“I really enjoy all your webinars and your Instagram lives.”

Stephanie P.

“Thank you so much! I love all your webinars and IGTVs. It’s what getting me through all the extremely challenging times I am going through, being stranded in a foreign country alone, and dealing with a breakup during this time. It all came piling up on me. But listening to your podcasts and attending your webinars has helped me big time, and gave me some strength. I thank you for that”

Tracey T.

“I normally would have never taken this leap (fearful avoidant if you’ve picked up on that now lol) so thank you for bringing that out in me!”

Lynette P.

“I enjoyed your group session on self-esteem. Key #1 struck me the most because I realized I have allowed my spouses abusive behavior negatively affect my esteem. I am Limiting my goals, the things I enjoy or not feeling good enough.”

Sara V.

“Great webinar today it was very insightful. l wish I could have you as my therapist!!”

Lacey R.

“I tuned into your webinar today and loved it! Thank you so much for your insight”